Music videos

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I have started recording my First Saturday Concerts:

"Scottish First Saturday"

"True Love's Aftermath"

Old favorites:

"Raisin Pie"

"Beat of the Heart"


My latest singles:

"Suitcase Full of Knives"

"Dream Lover"

"The Aggravation Tango"

"If Ever I Would Leave You"

The title track from Let's Do It!:

"Let's Do It!"

Just for fun:

"Let's Go Canoeing on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaug"

"La Rirette"

"Why, Oh Why Are There Mosquitoes?"

From the Colonial era:

"Youth's the Season"

"Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier"

"Come Here, Fellow Servant!"

From the Civil War era:

"The Lady in Black"

"Tenting Tonight"

"Goober Peas"

Some holiday songs:

"Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabella"

"The Twelve Days of Christmas"

"Matilda Toots"

One for children, from the Toddler Songs album:

"The Bee Song"

Motets from the Renaissance choir, Vox Lucens, where Diane sings soprano:

"Alma Redemptoris Mater"

"O Magnum Mysterium"

"Quam Pulchra Es"

And the story of my cat Stellina's youth:


Diane with Guitar and Dulcimer