Performance Schedule

Catch Diane on Zoom! E-mail to receive the link for these shows. (For security reasons, links are not published here.)

Toddler Sing-alongs, Tuesdays at 9:30 am

A half-hour of delightful songs, all the favorites. Great for bouncy toddlers from birth to about age four. Quite a few grandparents attend so they can watch their grandkids sing, dance, and have fun.

Til We Meet Again -- Songs of the First World War
Saturday, August 15, 7:30 pm

Live from the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, Diane presents the stirring and poignant songs of The Great War, which help us understand what people were thinking and experiencing during a time of great upheaval. Many songs of the era are patriotic and upbeat, but others lament the futility of trench warfare or poke cynical fun at those in charge. After three years of striving to stay neutral, the U.S. suddenly shifted gears in 1917, and songwriters literally changed their tune overnight. I Did Not Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier became It Is Time for Every Boy to Be a Soldier. As in all wars, cheery songs lifted spirits, while others expressed longing for safety and home.

Diane wears the graceful clothing of the time and accompanies her crystal-clear singing on a parlor guitar. Visit to register.

The Music of Our Lives
Thursday, August 27, 7 pm

For centuries, songs have expressed our deepest longings and brightest hopes. Take a tour of decades of music showing the experiences of average folks living through momentous times. Enjoy 17th-century lullabyes and ballads, tales of adventure on land and sea, songs from the American Revolution, and Civil War ditties. The music of African Americans will be front and center, as its passion, beauty, and energy form the basis of all of our popular music: spirituals, gospel, country, bluegrass, honky-tonk, blues, rockabilly, rock-and-roll, jazz, pop, and the many evolving styles of today. Sing along with songs about the immigrant experience, anthems from great social movements, and jazz standards beloved throughout the world.

Diane with Guitar and Dulcimer