Choral Arrangements

Diane can provide arrangements of songs that she has written, as well as traditional songs and music composed by others. Many are for women's voices, but could easily be adapted for an SATB group. Some of the arrangements are listed below.

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Silver the Moon
by Diane Taraz, © 2006
SATB, with piano accompaniment
Commissioned by In Choro Novo, a 30-voice chorus directed by Therese Provenzano. The group has perfomed it three times so far, twice at Boston University's Marsh Chapel and once in Wellesley.

SSA, for women's voices, with piano accompaniment

In the Bleak Midwinter
by Diane Taraz, © 2006
SATB, with piano accompaniment
The evocative carol with three new verses written by Diane to continue the Solstice theme.

Mark the Flight of Time
by Diane Taraz, © 2009
SATB, a cappella with bell
Written for the First Parish UU Church of Arlington choir, to be sung with the church's historic bell, which fell from the steeple during the fire of 1975. Too damaged to re-hang, the bell is struck by hand each Sunday to begin the service. The song's chorus is the words engraved on the bell: "Come to the house of prayer; mark the flight of time." First sung on October 31, 2010. Could be done with a hand bell, and/or with piano playing along.

The Pollen Path
by Diane Taraz, © 2007
SSA, fort women's voices, a cappella
Hand drum makes a nice accompaniment. A challenging piece.

by Diane Taraz, © 2006
SSAA, for women's voices, a cappella
An original written for the UUlations, an eight-voice a cappella group drawn from my church choir. It's great fun, with lots of buzzing. Suggested accessory: deelybopper antennae. Here are the words:

Like the fuzzy, buzzy bee we
Fly but far from fancy-free, we
Think no one can disagree we
Have too much to oversee!

We wish our days were more carefree, we'd
Like to stop and sip some tea, we'd
Love to but it cannot be, we're
Running late and we must flee!

We're running, running, running, running
Running, running, running, running late!
Oh my Goddess, we're so late!
We're so late, we...

Have so many folks to see, so
Many places we must be, so
Many things to referee, we
Have no time for repartee!

We must be gone just like the bee, we
Must not be an absentee, we
Plan to find tranquillity,
Someday when we're retirees.

Riddles of the Stars
by Diane Taraz, © 2005
SSA, for women's voices, with piano accompaniment
Written as part of The Longest Night, an interactive Solstice service for all ages at First Parish UU Church of Arlington in December 2005. An easy piece. The words:

The stars are dancing in the sky,
They seem so small as they drift by.
But they're not really small at all;
Just try to catch 'em when they fall.

The stars seem new, so clean and bright,
As if they're born fresh every night,
But stars are old, as old can be,
Older than eyes can ever see.

Stars are so very far away
That all the light we see today
Was made so very long ago,
It's just an ancient afterglow.

The stars may always seem the same,
All burning with eternal flame,
But stars are born, grow old and die;
It just takes longer til they fly.

So many riddles in a star,
It's just amazing what they are.
No matter how much more we know,
It only makes our wonder grow.

The Farthest Field
by David Dodson, arranged by Diane Taraz, © 2007
SSAA, for women's voices, a cappella

I Love to Rhyme
by George & Ira Gershwin, 1938; arranged and augmented by Diane Taraz, © 2008
SSAA, for women's voices, a cappella

Let's Go Canoeing on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaug
by Diane Taraz, © 2008
SSA, for women's voices, a cappella

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
traditional spiritual, arranged by Diane Taraz, © 2009
SSA, for women's voices, a cappella
You can hear the UUlations sing this on Diane's album Inspiration/Tarazification.

'Tilda Toots
author unknown, 1855; arranged by Diane Taraz, © 2010
SSA, for women's voices, a cappella
A wild romp in which a young couple find peril and romance whilst ice-skating. The male's attention is riveted on Matilda's fur-topped, pearl-button boots.

When Fall Comes to New England
by Cheryl Wheeler, arranged by Diane Taraz, © 2010 (permission through Tim Francis-Wright)
SSA, for women's voices, a cappella