Diane Taraz
Let's Do It!


September 2014

Diane's silky voice backed by an on-point jazz band made my morning today. The charming album opens up with a stunning track, "Let's Do It." Loved the interplay between Diane and her band as they tease one another. Then there's the breathtaking ballad "Since I Fell for You" -- loved Diane's voice on this track.

A couple of jazz standards such as "Autumn Leaves" and "Summertime" are also included in this 12-track jam. I enjoyed them all. Diane's vocal prowess caresses every note and lyric with mastery.

Couldn't stop listening to this album; it's definitely a must-have for every discerning jazz lover throughout the world. I strongly believe this is a timeless offering.

A treat and an absolute pleasure.

-- Wouter Kellerman, world music flute player at Carnegie Hall and other venues worldwide
    based in Johannesburg / review posted on iTunes South Africa

September 2014

How do I describe "Let's Do It!"? It's a no-frills voice, ever so natural, yet so rich and vibrant! Jazz guitar, drums and bass are in delicate proportions to bring out a pleasantly smooth swing. "La vie en rose" and "Autumn Leaves" never cease to run out of improvisation options, and I loved the clarinet on "Summertime." "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight?" is new to me and I fell head over heels for it!

-- Ricky Kej, musician, composer, producer
    based in India and New York / review posted on Amazon

October 2014

I ordered this CD some weeks ago. Not only have I been thoroughly enjoying it... but it gets better with time! I laugh over bubble gum, smile over all those names of cheese, and shimmy in the living room to "Let's Do It." Thank you for these moments of joy! Diane and those boys rock!

-- Marta Flanagan
    based in the Boston area / review posted on Amazon