Diane Taraz
Gathered Safely In


KVMR-FM Program Guide, Nevada City, California
December 1996/January 1997

Am I the only person on the West coast who knows about Diane Taraz? Her smooth, rich voice is one of the best on the folk circuit. She also is avery good songwriter. There are so many singer/songwriters and so many good singer/songwriters, the impact of the last sentence is easily lost. Diane's previous album, "Shoes That Fit Like Sand" (which was so good, I was stunned when I first heard it) contains 8 out of 13 originals, and "Gathered Safely In" has about half originals. "Grace," "Full Moon Tonight," "Cold Bee" and "Normandy" are all excellent compositions. "Normandy" was written on her way to a Unitarian Universalist Church after seeing the Joseph Campbell/Bill Moyers interviews, "The Power of Myth." Diane's version of Steve Goodman's "Looking for Trouble" and her arrangement of "Heard It on the Grapevine" are outstanding.

November 1996

I am a D.J. at WVUD located at the University of Delaware (91.3 mHz). I am also a somewhat poor hammered dulcimer and pennywhistle player, so I know a little about the folk music. The new album by Massachusetts singer/songwriterDiane Taraz is simply wonderful. The covers on the CD are quite unique for this wonderful singer of mostly ballads, especially "I Heard it Through the Grapevine." You wouldn't think that Motown sounded that good on a purely folk album, but she pulls this off as nicely as Run C & W does "I Like It Like That." Diane's new album again features that velvet voice that we so loved on "Shoes That Fit Like Sand," her previous release. My favorite is the standard "All Through the Night," and, in my opinion, it has never sounded better. No flash. No fireworks. Just plain beautiful. Great job, Diane.

Bob Pegritz